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The History of V.I. Basketball

Their first game as a unit was a remarkably pathetic 83-37 defeat at the hands of the 9-time defending champion in the Town of Hempstead Summer League. After that ultimate wake up call, the V.I. had a very competitive inaugural season, finished the regular season in third place, and handled their first-round playoff opponent with ease. The semi-final pitted them against the defending champs again. This time, the Idiots did not let a 17 point first-half deficit phase them, and came roaring back in one of the most exciting contests that the Baldwin Park blacktop has ever seen. Only a last second hook shot by a gray-haired, overweight member of the opposing team kept the V.I. from avenging their loss, and a single point gave the Village Idiots their first of many future playoff disappointments.

The V.I. finally claimed their first major championship in the Summer of 2005 by taking the regular season and playoff title where it all began, in the T.o.H. Basketball League at Baldwin Park. Ironically, the team was thrown out of the same league the previous season for verbally abusing and physically threatening a referee in their disappointing 2nd round playoff loss. Somehow, the commisioner generously reinstated the V.I. and they took the opportunity to reload with a younger, even more degenerate group of athletes who's dedication to post-game celebration was clearly the difference that put them into the winner's circle. After a close 2nd place finish in '06, the Idiots returned to Championship form in 2007 and took their second title. The Village Idiots are back in action this summer... Follow them HERE!

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