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FlipCup (a.k.a. Boathouse)

Flip Cup is coming back to Overlook... Stay tuned!

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Flip Like an Idiot Today!

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Overlook Flip Cup

Flip Cup, also known in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area as "Boathouse", is a unique game that can be played with as few as two players or as many as can fit their cups on a table. A heated contest will often be drawn out to a series of 19 games or more. Because each game involves all members drinking a shot of beer, the effects are often similar to that of a "Power Hour" and can really accelerate the pace of an evening of drinking. A particularly appealing feature to this discipline is that it facilitates battles of the sexes and other important co-ed activities.

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It should also be noted that Flip Cup is often used as a nightcap to a Village Idiots Beerpong tournament. With the cups and tables already set up, it is a wonderful way to keep those who are eliminated early involved in some supplemental competition.

Flip Like an Idiot Today!

Flip Like an Idiot Today



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