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The History of the Village Idiots

The Village Idiots first came together in an organized fashion for the Town of Hempstead Summer Basketball League. They have since expanded into Flag Football, Hoop-it-Up and other team and individual contests including Beer Pong (Beirut) and Flip-Cup (Boathouse). 2007 saw the V.I. Poker Tour and the Second Edition of the V.I. Tailgating Tour, as well as the release of more Village Idiots T-Shirts and other apparel! Village Idiot Softball and the VI Runners Club are also new additions to the Village Idiot Empire and the first Village Idiots Soccer Team out in San Diego! In 2008, the V.I. Extreme Ski Tour spent a week in Lake Tahoe, and hit Telluride in '09 before heading to Jackson Hole in 2010! Other upcoming events will include a BIG 2010 Tailgating Tour! Stay tuned for frequent updates and always check the Event Calender for the latest!

The Village Idiot family is held together by their love for the good life! Post-game feasts filled with food and drink are how they reward themselves for participating in athletic competition. To come together and show off natural talents is to form a bond that is stronger than the moonshine in a Croatian basement!

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