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Spring 2007 - Nassau Finals

Idiots fall to Team Takeover, 13-6!

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The Village Idiots arrived Sunday morning at their first Nassau County Final to take on Team Takeover.  Going into the game, the experts had the V.I. as an underdog (+2)  for the first time all year.  The conditions at Walker Field in Hicksville were hot and sunny, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees… both teams would surely be tested by the end of this one!

The Idiots received the opening kickoff and Brian Stanley led the V.I. offense onto the field for the 10th time this season.  Team Takeover was immediately forced back on their toes, as Oscar Alcantara blew past an attempt at bump and run defense and caught BStan’s first pass for a 40 yard gain, putting the Idiots at first and goal with a golden opportunity to take an early lead.  Unfortunately, the usually potent red zone attack got sent back without any points, as the best chance for a score was directed at Dan Knipscher, as he broke free on an out-cut but was not able to control the ball before stepping out of bounds in the corner of the end-zone.

Team Takeover had better luck on their first drive as an underthrown ball somehow found it’s way between the arms of Gary Tizio as he had his man blanketed, but was unable to breakup the play.  Takeover rolled with that momentum and plodded their way into the end-zone on a number of short running plays to take a 7-0 lead.

After getting the ball back, for the second week in a row, Stanley would find Tom Weber when he needed a big play, and Weber leaped and stole the ball from two defenders before sprinting the rest of the way into the end-zone to get the Idiots within one… unfortunately, the extra point was blocked and the Idiots trailed 7-6 at halftime.

The heat was a tough addition to Team Takeover's impressive offensive and defensive line and both began to wear on the V.I. in the second half. After facing another methodical Takeover drive, the Idiots found themselves down 13-6. The defensive rush was getting to Stanley and the Idiots were forced to punt for only the third time this season. The V.I. Defense did hold strong and a near miss on a Tizio interception almost got them right back into the game. Instead, they settled for a three and out and the Idiots were left with one last chance with 3 minutes to play.

As time ticked away, BStan dropped back and was pressured immediately. He could not escape the grasp of the D-Line and the Idiots were pushed back into a long yardage situation. With no luck on 2nd or 3rd down, the season came down to a single play that required a 30 yard gain by the Idiots to get the first down. As was expected, the defense backed up and were in easy position to knock down the desperation toss that hit the ground along with the hopes of the Idiots for a shot at Stonybrook. Team Takeover was able to run out the clock on their last possession, and the final score read 13-6...

This Village Idiots Football season was the most successful by more than one account... A perfect mesh of good athletes and great guys led the Idiots to their best record to date, and is going to make for a long wait in anticipation of a return of Village Idiots Football in the fall... Have a great summer V.I. fans!!!

The V.I. were joined this season by Green Bay Home Improvement! Check the Roster!


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