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Flip Cup Rules

Flip Cup is essentially a relay race... teams line up opposite each other around a table.
Each cup is filled with about two ounces of beer. (More if you have serious drinkers involved)
A starter is chosen from each team, this is usually the person at the far end of the table. The two starters touch cups and then pound their beer. Once you pound your beer you put the cup right-side-up on the edge of the table and attempt to flip it half way around so that it lands face-down. Once the cup has successfully landed face-down the next person on your team pounds their beer and tries to flip it. This happens until all players on a team have successfully flipped their cups. Flip Cup is usually played over many rounds in a "Best of..." format.

"Survivor Flip Cup" is a very interesting variation to the game...
The game rules are the same, but after each round the losing team must vote off the weakest link on their side, but still keep the same number of cups (next round someone must double up on cups). Continue this elimination strategy until a team loses with just a single player remaining.

Other Variations:

"Jungle Rules" is when everyone at the table participates at the same time. The entire table will start with a touch of cups, then everyone will flip. The first team to have every team member flip their cup will win.

"King of the Table" (KOT) can be described as a combination of Survivor and Jungle rules. You can have as many players as your table will hold. The whole table will touch cups and start and the last player to flip their cup is voted off. This will continue until 1 player is left, and they are the King of the Table. (A very important rule of KOT is that once the game starts you cannot leave the table unitl you either lose, or the game is over. With so many people playing it is important to keep the game moving.)

"Power Flip Hour" is perhaps the most lethal of all the Flip Cup games. With this game you do a power hour (drink one shot of beer every minute for an entire hour) but instead of just drinking the beer, all participants must flip after drinking, much like KOT. The last player to flip must drink an additional shot of beer.

If two hands are used to flip or guide the cup it, is an illegal flip. Only one hand is permitted to make the flip. The non-flipping hand may act strictly as balance assistance for the cup on the edge of the table. Sometimes you are forced to play on tables with "less than ideal" edges, so it is neccessary for added support. This in no way is meant to help guide the cup during the flip; just to keep it from falling off of the table. Also the non flipping hand must remain completely still during the flip if it is used for balance assistance. This will eliminate any debate about it being used as a guide. The only time contact with the cups by 2 hands is allowed is to place the cup on the edge or to re-set the cup if a complete flip is not made.

If you have a unique variation to this or any of the V.I. favorites, please let us know...

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