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VI Summer Jam

VI Summer Jam 2009 is not going to happen! Maybe next year...


A Week Long Extravaganza was enjoyed for VI Summer Jam '08!


Amazing Weather, Tough Competition and Drunken Mayhem Bless the 1st Annual VI Summer Jam!

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Nearly two dozen members of the Village Idiots Family made their way down to Sea Isle City for the 1st Annual VI Summer Jam on July 21 and 22, 2007!

The locals were more than hospitable and all shared in some great food from Giovanni's Italian Deli before the Kegs were tapped and the Beer Pong competition began on Saturday afternoon. 15 teams of two came together for this competition, with Eddie and Mike eventually knocking off Kelly and Jack in the final to collect the first prize of $150! After a few informal games of Flip Cup and Red Neck Golf, the VI gathered for a wild night on the town, and stormed the local bar scene until the wee hours of the morning!

Sunday got a slower start as the Idiots headed down to the beach for some R & R before reigniting their engines for the World Famous Ocean Drive Sunday Jam with Dom and Craig from the Secret Service Band! The fact that it was Dom's birthday was a fair warning that this would be another wild evening at the OD... the $2 Vodka Lemonades were coming by the trayful and the Idiots were setting a record pace for consumption! With details of the night foggy for most, let's just point out that many left overserved with smiles on their face! Can't wait to do it again!

July 21st and 22nd - Sea Isle City, NJ

Here's the detailed schedule:

Saturday morning:
For you early risers, there are three full basketball courts (with glass backboards!) in town and the run starts as early as 8am sometimes, the VI should make an impact immediately.
There is also a cheap 9-hole golf course about 10-minutes away, if you bring your clubs.
And, of course, the beach is a short walk from the house - usually gets good around 11am.

Saturday afternoon:
A Beer Pong Tournament will be the first official event of the weekend, and you will need to register by 2pm! email to register early
Saturday evening:
Depending on how many are left standing after Beer Pong, a Flip Cup Tourney, or round-robin style contest will start after dinner around 8pm.
Saturday night:

Enjoy the local Bars - (if you are still walking)

For those of you who get too sunburned on Saturday to head back to the beach, we'll be playing some RedNeck(Ladder) golf in the backyard...
but whatever you do, be ready to roll to the OD(Ocean Drive) at 4pm for the Sunday Happy Hour!  $1 Beers from 4-6 and $2 Vodka lemonades all night... one of the wildest scenes you'll find outside of Spring Break... be ready to redeem yourself for any lost opportunities from the weekend here!

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