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Official V.I. BeerPong Rules

As any Beer Pong veteran knows, there are many variations to this wonderful game. The rules followed by the Village Idiots adapt to the region where the contest is being played... here is the usual format of a tournament hosted by the V.I.:

Rules for our events:

  • Cups are arranged, 10 on a side, in pyramid formation.
  • Three beers per side, evenly distributed.
  • The lower-ranked team starts the game by taking a single shot. The higher-ranked team follows with 2 shots, and the game continues with 2 shots per round from then on. (Rankings will be randomly assigned before the tournament)
  • When the players on a team hit both shots, they get both balls back ("Gimme them Balls").
  • Drinking is alternated. One player drinks the first cup, the other drinks the second, and so on. Throwing can either be alternated or done two at a time. (Since shots in a cup that has already been made don't count, it is recommended to wait until made cups are cleared)
  • As soon as the ball touches ANYTHING, including a cup, it's fair game to be grabbed or swatted. BOUNCING it in off of the table counts for TWO CUPS.
  • Cups are restacked into pyramids when 6 cups and 3 cups remain on a side.
  • When 4 cups remain on a side, restack them in a diamond formation.
  • When 2 cups remain, they are placed one in front of the other (I-formation).
  • When one cup remains, it can be placed anywhere on the table (as long as unobstructed).
  • If a team sinks both balls into the final cup, the game is over (no chance for comeback).
  • If only one player hits the last cup on a side, the trailing team has the opportunity to match with both balls. If there are more than two cups left, and they hit both shots, they get both balls back and can continue to try the comeback.
  • If the trailing team manages to clear all of the leading team's cups, both teams resume the game with three cups and one beer per side (Overtime).
  • If the team that had previously trailed sinks both balls into the final cup of their comeback, the game is over and they win. (Lesson here is to finish a team when you have the chance)
  • In Overtime, the team that hit the last cup first (leading team), starts with both balls.
  • If a player, for any reason whatsoever, drops a ball into a cup on his own side, he must drink it. Also, if any cups are knocked over by the defending team, they are considered made.
  • If the ball is still spinning in the cup, ONLY GIRLS can blow it out. If the ball gets wet, though, then it is declared in the cup.
  • In the later rounds, if the format is 2 out of 3, the team who won the previous game starts with both balls.
  • A designated tournament director will make all final decisions on rules discrepancies.

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