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Beer Olympics - Oktoberfest 2006

Lake Wallenpaupack, PA




The Village Idiots Family could not be more proud of sponsoring the events that took place over this 3rd weekend of Oktober in the year 2006... Beers were guzzled, games were played and bonds were formed over this spectacular two day event. The Fighting Armadillos, Morning Wood, ODB and the Blazing Sunburns all competed hard for the title, but in the end it was the Blazing Sunburns who stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Friday night started the festivities with the Beer Pong tournament. After the first round concluded, it was going to come down to the Blazing Sunburns and the Old Dirty Bastard in the doubles competition. Both teams had 2 pairs in the semifinals. In the first semifinal game, the Sunburns had Allison & Rocco playing against the favored ODB pair of Mike & Danielle, who were very impressive in their first round win. It was a closely played game throughout. However, ODB took a 2 cups to 1 lead late in the game. With Mike & Danielle trying to fire up their cheering section, Allison drilled a bounce shot (worth 2 cups) to push Mike & Danielle out of the tourney. It was a huge play that sent the Sunburns into an absolute frenzy that no one could stop. In the second Semifinal game, the Sunburns featured team Captain Maureen and Boston native Focker against ODB’S favorite couple J-Dubs & Brig-Mac. Riding the momentum Maureen & Brian made quick work of John & Brigid, giving the Sunburns a 1-2 finish in the doubles competition.

In the Singles competition The Fighting Armadillos got a boost from the Son Dawg, as he and ODB’S Sarah split 1st place. Stacey from Morning Wood and Wild Card from the Blazing Sunburns split the consolation points as the beer pong event concluded. Due to time constraints the Flip Cup event was moved to Saturday night.

All the Olympians slept late Saturday, resting up from a hard night of boozing and competition. After a friendly whiffleball game, it was time for the Scavenger hunt. All 4 teams split up, and drove all over the community searching for items hidden by the Lovely and gorgeous first lady. Despite a few close calls with the local law enforcement, everyone made it through the hunt in one piece. After a fast start Morning Wood’s team of Joey Angus, Sgt. Hooks, Button and GC placed second behind who else? The Blazing Sunburns!!!!!!! The Sunburns, led by Captain Maureen won the first place points, and took a strangle hold on the Olympics. “The Sunburns are flat out scary, they seem intense and have a take no prisoners attitude” said Fighting Armadillos member Crazy Eyes. The Armadillos took 3rd place, and ODB took 4th in the hunt.

With everyone returning to base, it was time for flip cups and costumes. With many brilliant costumes entering the competition, it was too close to call. Morning Wood & VI member GC (The Captain) took first place with his Jack Sparro costume. A close second was VI & ODB member J-Dubs with a sexy flight attendant costume. “NUTS ANYONE?” Third place was awarded to Crazy eyes from the Fighting Armadillos with his Napoleon Dynamite get up. The Sunburns, who entered as the Scooby Doo cast, were shut out of the Costume party points, leaving the door open. “We aren’t worried, have you ever heard of the C-Unit? We own flip cups” said Captain Maureen. “Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhh!!! Screamed Rocco.

Well, the "Flip cups" started out and ended with a bang. The competition started with a best of 5 round robin style preliminary round. The Sunburns blew through the competition undefeated, with The Armadillos second, ODB third and winless Morning Wood picking up the rear. The first Semifinal match featured The Fighting Armadillos, led by their Captain and trash talking goddess “The Founder” and team ODB. Triple D, Nature Boy, Air Farrah, J-Dubs and Brig-Mac had team ODB poised for a win. The Armadillos however, proved to be too much, as strong performances by new comers Ninja (Denise) and Big Papi (MB) helped the Armadillos win in 5.

The second Semifinal was a nail biter. The heavy under dogs from Morning Wood jumped out to a 2-0 series lead against the heavily favored Sunburns, but couldn’t seal the deal. The Sunburn team poured it on, and won 3 straight games to advance to the finals. In the 3rd place game, the winless Morning Wood team was not to be denied again. After failing to win a series in the round robin, and losing in the first round, The Captain (GC) rallied his troops. Sgt Hooks, Joey Angus, Button and the first lady responded to his rally cry, and came away with a 4-3 best of seven series win over ODB.

The Championship round was even more intense. The Blazing Sunburns and Fighting Armadillos were two evenly matched teams, with no weaknesses. The Armadillos hung tight and gained a 3-2 series lead after the first five games. The Sunburns pulled it together and won game six, to send the series to a seventh and final game. Both teams cheered and rallied their teams, but in the end, it was The Sunburns coming out on top again.





Final Standings for 2006


The Blazing Sunburns

56 points


Morning Wood

35 points


The Fighting Armadillos

31 points



30 points

Let us now take the time to thank everyone who participated in Oktoberfest. I hope you all had fun, and will make it up next year. The goal for 2007... Take down the juggernaut that is team Sunburn.

Special Thanks -

Food Shoppers (Elisa & Christine)

Our Music, video and setup team (Joe, Rikki, Elisa)

Prep Team (Joe, Rikki, Maureen, Sarah, Elisa)


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